168MEUR project of revitalization of Djerdap HPP equipment

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The second phase of hydro aggregate no. 4 revitalization in HPP Djerdap is being finished and Serbia will get one more HPP, as big as “Zvornik”, with renewal of all aggregates what will cost 168 million EUR – stated Ljubisa Jokic, Director of HPP “Djerdap 1”.

As he explained, equipment erection is in progress. This equipment should be in function during May.

Jokic reminded that revitalization began in 2009 and that the first turbine service lasted longer than a year.

-Employees of HPP “Djerdap” are engaged in this huge work together with domestic companies and Russian partners. The project is 168 million EUR worth and the money provided from Russian credit is 100 million EUR, while 68 million EUR is provided by EPS- Jokic said.

According to his words, revitalization of all six aggregates that should be finished in next 6 years will bring safe equipment and 10% of increased power to “Djerdap”.

-When we finish revitalization of all aggregates, we’ll get one more HPP “Zvornik” and protected exploitation in the next 30 years- Director of our biggest HPP said.

Construction of “Djerdap” was finished in 1972 when it was the third HPP in the world with reference to installed power.

“Djerdap” that produces the fifth part of electricity in Serbia marks record production since the beginning of the year.

Daily production amounts around 20 million KWH of electricity per year so the first billion of KWH was produced at the end of February what is more than two times of planned production.

Source Serbia Energy/Djerdap Press office