2013 The year of energy investments, says Zorana Mihajlovic Serbia Energy Minister

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Arranged investments for this year will amount around billion euros, says Minister Zorana Mihajlovic. Public call for investors who want to build small hydro power plants will be announced and new pipeline building is also planned, so Serbia can be energy ensured.

More than billion Euros investment in energy is expected this year, said the Minister of Energy, Development and Environment Zorana Mihajlovic.

According to Zorana Mihajlovic’s words, it has to do with big investments which will be realized in next few years.

“If we talk about small hydro power plants, energy agreement with Italy, signed memorandum with German company RWE for thermal power plant Nikola Tesla B3 in 2013, we can say that we are talking about the year of billion Euros investments”, said Minister Mihajlovic to Beta Agency.

Electricity priorities are, according to her words, reversible hydro power plant “Bistrica” building on the river Lim, what should ensure enough electricity to Serbia in time of the biggest consumption, and coal mine opening and new TPP “Stavalj” construction near Senica.

“I expect that we talk with potential investors in the first quarter of 2013”, said Minister and added that public call for interested investors in building of small hydro power plants will be announced in cooperation with municipalities.

Everyone who wants to participate in renewable sources use potentials should be talked with.

“It is the first time to all free locations to show in public and to interest people to get energy licenses in the same way”, says Zorana Mihajovic.

As she précised, 140 building locations will be offered to investors, and when other locations is researched, public calls for energy license assigning will be announced.

Simpler procedures

Mihajlovic points that this year Ministry will work on procedure shortening and license number decrease- from about 27 to five to seven needed for building.

“Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment work’s basic priorities will be energy efficiency increase, new infrastructural objects building and use of renewable energy sources, states Zorana Mihajlovic.

Ministry of Energy has represented projects which are in progress or are in plan in the value of 7 billion Euros, but that is not possible to make that huge investment import in one year.

Planned 7 billion Euros investments of energy will be realized in period of 5 to 7 years”, believes Minister.

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