Thermal power plants are the corner stone of Serbia electricity generation, says Bozovic EPS Production division director

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In the next two year, many difficulties are expected to appear in the course of providing enough coal from “Kolubara”. – The plans for electricity production are going to be fulfilled by redirecting of available coal quantities to more efficient thermal blocks and by greater involvement of “Thermal Power Plant –Heating Plant Kostolac”.

The electricity balance for the year 2013 envisages the production of 35.1 billion kilowatt hours in the Thermal Power Plants. Out of this, nine billion KWh is envisaged to be obtained from hydro energy, which might not happen if the third year in raw average inflows of the Danube River and the Drina River basin are lower. Whether EPS is going to have to buy or not electricity on the market during this summer will depend on hydrological conditions, because then is going to be obvious whether “Kolubara” could provide enough quantities of coal for the operations of TPP Nikola Tesla A and B. With the envisaged hydrology, the production plan is planned in a way that out of balance electricity purchase most probably is not going to be necessary.

Zoran Božović, the Director in the Head Office of EPS for the production of energy, said for Kwh paper that the thermal sector is the “backbone“ of the electric power system of EPS and that many activities are underway with the aim of affirming “Kolubara’s“ authority further.

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