220MEUR FGD investment project in TPP TENT is attracting both European and Chinese companies

2. July 2012. / News Serbia Energy

Flue gas desulphurization project, on location A of Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla Obrenovac, which is expected to start in 2013 is biggest investment and environmental project in Serbian power gen system. Its value of 220MEUR already attracting the interest of biggest European, Japanese and Chinese companies which are the holders of modern FGD technology solutions. Local companies are also expecting certain share in this project, primarily as local partners and subcontractors.

One of the most interesting resudual is the lime material which will come from FGD plant. For this reason TENT is also trying to understand the commercial value of the limestone processing.

One of the companies who expressed interest in this added value of lime is the Belgium company Carmeuse which is in the lime production business, visited Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla A and spoke with TENT management on potential cooperation for Flue Gas Desulphurization project on TENT A location.

The Carmeus is the second largest lime production company in the world. The reason of their visit to TENT was to present their production and operations program, further more TENT got also the knowledge in procurement and usage of lime. The specific reason of the visit is of course the FGD project which will be realized on TENT A location and soon also on TENT B location. Total quantity of the lime which will come from FGD plant on annual level is 200.000 tons per location.

Despite the fact that limestone is not part of the procedure within the FGD facility construction project, the plant itself will have certain quantities of this residual material and TENT has to determine its commercial value. These are the important aspects of the FGD project and TENT has to understand the added value of this material. Wide scope of Carmeus activities are exactly FGD processes on power plants. Their experiences are rich and could be useful for us, stated Petar Knezevic director of CE TENT TPP company.

Meeting was attended by complete management team from CE TENT TPP which will take part in the FGD project as well as the representatives of Electric Power of Serbia (EPS) who initiated and appointed this meeting. FGD project is at this moment biggest investment and environmental project in Serbia, therefore the contractors must be leading companies, stated Mihajlo Gavric EPS environmental protection unit director.

Carmeus representatives showed the interest to visit us, to present their experiences and solutions and to help to overcome all problems which we will face in FGD plant exploitation. The interest from such a big companies is important for Serbia, and Carmeus is one of the biggest lime and limestone production companies which may support the overall Serbian economic development and new jobs, stated Gavric.

Representative of Carmeus for SEE region explained to the audience that FGD process is directly linked with EU legal regulation covering environment. On similar FGD project Carmeus is working on projects in Romania, Czeck republic, Slovakia and Hungary and its our intention to cooperate also with EPS and TENT.

On the same day CE TPP TENT hosted another delegation from Chinese company Kaidi, one of the biggest energy environmental company from China.

Chinese company Kaidi is engaged in FGD projects, electrostatic precipitators and all related technological solutions for power generation facilities like TENT. They are interested in co-financing the environmental projects as well as for construction and modernization projects, engineering and in general involvement in power generation facilities modernization. The aim of their visit was to get the basic information on TENT production capacities as well as with FGD project on TENT A. As the tender is expected in beginning of 2013 Kaidi representantives express the interest to participate on this tender, stated Djordji Biljanovski deputy director of CE TENT company.

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