2,6 million tons of coal produced in Kolubara mines

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According to the estimation of Production department, 2,6 million tons of lignite was excavated from four open pits of the “Kolubara” Mining Basin which is 0,3% more than a balance.

The biggest transfer of February plan, for around 20%, was done by Polje “D” coal seam while other coal seams on Tamnava (“Tamnava-Zapadno polje” and Polje “Veliki Crljeni”) with 1,6 million tons’ production transferred annual plan for 11 %.

Fulfillment of TPP “Nikola Tesla” landfills in Obrenovac is increased for 100.000 tons of coal so there is 1.150.000 tons of coal on landfills at the moment what is 42% more than it was planned.

5,6 million tons of coal or 4,4 % more than a plan were excavated in the Mining Basin “Kolubara” in the first two months. Around 64% of produced coal was gained from Tamnava landfills. Two months’ production of waste rock in “Kolubara” excavations amounted 10.900.000 cubic- 3% more than planned.

Source RBK