Macedonia: Preparations for electricity market liberalization and power market

27. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

Macedonia Regulatory Commission for Energy will declare by the end of month if electricity price will be changed. EVN, Macedonian Electricity Transmission System Operator (MEPSO) and Power utility holding of Macedonia (ELEM) have delivered calculation of their expenses and according to presented calculations, electricity price need to be increased drastically.

-The only thing they ask and what they count on in an expanse that needs to be confirmed and calculated in price and we will confirm the other- Petrov, President of Regulators, says.

He announced that decreased electricity consumption will be considered in decision for electricity price increase and that electricity prices on world markets were extremely low.

The second phase is electricity market liberalization is being postponed like it was announced. Regulatory Commission for Energy (RKE) will decide when 146 companies that have 50 employees at least and annual turnover of 10 million EUR will begin to buy electricity at free market. Postponing will not influence on the whole process i.e. Macedonia will accomplish all responsibilities until the end of January 2015 so electricity market will be completely free what means that it needs to be included in households as well.

Officially, the reason for postponing is uncompleted obligations by all members of process, EVN, MEPSO and RKE. Part of these obligations belongs to these operators and they have technical nature and Regulator hasn’t brought rulebook for electricity supply yet.

According to Petrov’s words, serious deadlines for beginning will be determined for all these obligations. However, he says that this phase of market opening will bring to electricity price increase to citizens that will remain in the category of tariff consumers. If we do this now, price jump will be drastic.

-Considering experiences of other countries, we won’t begin this process unprepared and to cause damages with big consequences for energy system and citizens- Petrov says.

Source; Macedonian regulator/Serbia Energy See desk

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