2MEUR new transformer station in operation for Vojvodina electricity big consumers

1. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic launched work of transformer station “Indjija 2” for which 2 million EUR was invested in, and which will provide safe electricity supply to production operations in the northeast industrial zone in Indjija which is the hub of several big consumers ( production companies).

Minister stressed that it is good that this kind of transformer stations are being opened because it means the consumption is being increase and we begin to develop economically.

She emphasized that there is a lot of problems in Serbia when it comes to electricity losses in distribution network and therefore the priority in energy sector will be the decrease of these losses within construction of new transformer stations and changing of electric meters.

Electricity losses on transmission network are at average level for Europe but electricity losses on distribution network are therefore much higher and they are up to 50% in certain parts of distribution system.

-These are enormous electricity amounts. Do we need to lose network electricity after all efforts we put into its production in HPPs and TPPs- Minister asked and added that we should fight this problem because it costs citizens and industry a lot.

She underlined that there was much talk about plans for electricity loss decrease where electricity theft is included also, but there was not done much. Opening of new transformer stations shows that this can be done much better and more efficient.

Transformer station “Indjija 2” with 110/20 KW voltage was build because of electricity consumption increase and connections of new users in the northeast industrial zone in Indjija.

“Elektrovojvodina” invested about 800.000 EUR in the project while around 1,2 million EUR was invested from the World Bank’s credit. Company “Elektromreza” constructed new transmission line 6 km long from the existing Indjija-Pazova transmission line where around 900.000 EUR were invested.

Source Serbia Energy/MERZ

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