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Serbian Republic and Croatia will establish joint company for the construction of Dubrovnik 2 TPP, with value of 170 million of euros, while the distribution of electricity will be agreed after the construction which will last three years- has been agreed today, at the meeting of representatives of Croatian and RS Government.

The share of each country in the construction will be 50%, and TPP with the installed capacity of 300 MW will be placed in Dubrovnik, while the water will come from Trebjesnica hydro power plant, by digging 16 meter long tunnel.

Prime Minister of Serbian Republic, Aleksandar Dzombic, said that in financial construction of that project should not be any problem, and that energy sectors of both countries would provide initial capital and make the best ratio between their own and borrowed funds.

According to him, openned questions related to Dubrovnik 1 and Gacko TPP, will be set aside, and it won