500MEUR for new TPP Kovin project, investors expected says Minister Zorana Mihajlovic

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Minister of Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, stated that the ministry will announce which international company will be the investor for new TPP in Kovin, 500 to 700 million EUR will be invested.

“We’ll hurry with investments in Kovin, works in the mine for underground coal exploitation Kovin and construction of the new TPP because the construction of this thermal capacity is one of investing priorities in Serbian energy sector”, Mihajlovic said when she was visiting this mine.

She reminded that there are already some interested investors for TPP Kovin and stressed that Ministry of Resources will put maximal efforts to bring these investors in order to open at least 1.000 work places.

This project can launch Kovin’s development. 10.000 of unemployed people live in Kovin at the moment.

Source;Serbia Energy/Agencies

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