95MEUR tender for works and delivery of equipment for HPP "Zvornik" announced

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Electric Power Industry of Serbia announced on June 15th an international tender for the delivery of equipment and works on the rehabilitation of hydro power plant “Zvornik”, which is financed by loan funds of the German Development Bank (KfW). The deadline for submission is September 15th.

The total value of revitalization of HPP “Zvornik” is estimated at 95 million euros. 70 million euros derives from loan that KfW bank has approved, while the rest EPS will finance from its own resources. Part of the loan will be used for payments of works for which the tender was announced.

Modernization of HPP “Zvornik” includes the replacement of vital parts of “kaplan” turbine with increasing of diameter of the impeller, increasing efficiency, flow and power from 24 to 32.4 megawatts, and works on the drainage and cooling systems are also planned. Thanks to this loan, all four generators will be replaced, as well as block transformators, switchgear, while the command of the plant will be significantly enhanced due to new control system. Tender also predict collecting of data about facility and equipment, preliminary testing and dismantling of existing equipment, storage on construction site, as well as the reconstruction and rehabilitation of parts of the equipment which is retained for further exploitation.

Equipment design, making and testing of hydraulic turbine model, procurement of materials and equipment, manufacturing and testing of equipment in factories, packaging, transport and storage on the ground, insurance works and supplies, equipment installation, staff training, supply of spare parts, handover of plant and obligations during the period for removal of defects are also planned.

The aim of this project is to prolong the life of HPP