A ton of gold from Serbia leading copper company, Mining and Smelting Basin “Bor”

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Mining and Smelting Basin “Bor” finished this year with results that are better than those in previous years at almost all aspects, it was reported on traditional New Year’s press conference in the company.

Mining and Smelting Basin “Bor” finished 2011 with 41,5 million Dinars of business income and 2012 is expected to be even more successful.

Managing Director, Blagoje Spasovski said that new mineral mass of 60 million tons, with the mineral content that guarantees rentable production, has been discovered.

Miners have dug up 40 million tons of excavations in Bor and Majdanpek’s mine. It is almost three and a half time over than four years ago.

Managing Director of “Bor” Complex emphasized that Serbian Government had a lot of understanding for miners’ efforts.

– We were very glad for Serbian Government’s orientation. It has stated that it is fond of faster development of mining, agriculture and energy what represents basic potential for faster development of Serbia- Spasovski said.

More than 35 thousand tons of copper, 1.000 kg of gold, 4,5 tons of silver and more than 100 thousand tons of sulfur acid were produced in metallurgical facilities.

– Factory for water purification will be constructed during the following year, next to new factory for sulfur acid and new foundry. It will enable an old dream to come true- completely ecologically pure air over Bor and all watercourses in Timocka Krajina- Spasovski said.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine