A2A privatization contract on Montenegro Energy company revealed

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Privatization council of Montenegro published the contract on partial privatization and capital investment in Energy company of Montenegro (EPCG) which the Montenegro government signed with Italian A2A company. Contract signed in end of September 2009 contains four parts A,B,C, D and 15 annexes.

A part elaborates the shares purchase, obligation before the closure, guaranties for the offer, seller and investor.

Second part of the contract marked as B part includes the obligations of shareholders, limitation on investors shares, duration of certain righs and obligations of shareholders, obligations of investor, contractual penalties for obligations breach after closure and options.

C part includes the management, appointment, date of validity and duration, scope of management, investment and operational indicators, reports, blockade and facilitation mechanism, statements and guaranties, breach and obligations.

D part includes limitations, confidentially, notices, additional guaranties, special notes and areas, validity of contract, the applicable law and authorities.

The attachments include the structure, description and authorities of the investor, questions regarding the directors board and shareholder assembly, permanent obligations while the annex 9 has quote