Action plan for Energy Med community by 2020

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Creating an ”Energy Community for the Mediterranean” within 2020. It is with this ambitious objective that the XIII General Assembly of Medreg (Association of Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas) approved this morning in Istanbul the action plan for 2012-2014. It is a plan, a note by the Regulators’ Association explained, which foresees a long-term strategic vision (2015-2020), with the prospect of creating an Energy Community for the Mediterranean. In order to reach this goal, the energy authorities point out, help is needed by all the Regulators in those countries which are on the sea and are part of Medreg, plus of course the support of the European Union, the European council for Energy Regulators and of all of Medreg’s strategic partners.

The Istanbul meeting also pointed out other important features: the strengthening of the coordination of cooperation within the Mediterranean, the promotion of dialogue between institutions and private firms in order to support investments and commercial exchange once again. Of vital importance, Medreg points out, is the promotion of new investments destined to the construction of infrastructure in the energy sector. To this end, the Assembly presented a new document which highlights the importance which the Regulators themselves will have in the development of strategic projects aimed at the birth of new insfrastructure.

Finally, during the meeting, talks were also made on the infrastructure interconnections for gas in the region and the situation concerning security of receiving supply in Mediterranean countries.

Source AnsaMed