Albania: 40% of electricity is being stolen in 2012

19. April 2013. / SEE Energy News

3,25 billion KWH was stolen or lost in Albania during last year. According to report from National Institute for Statistics, this is 40,7% of total electricity distributed in electricity network,

According to Tirana’s television program Top Channel, the loss of electricity is for 50% i.e. 1,1 billion KWH higher with reference to 2011 what is a confirmation for financial chaos in Albanian energy sector.

Transferred to the money value, the amount of electricity misuse is 300 million dollars or 2,5% of domestic product. Investing of a half of this amount will help Albanian sector to come out of crisis and the space for Government for decreasing the price for citizens who pay for electricity ordinarily will be made.

Regulatory Institute for Statistics (ERE) drive off Czech giant CEZ in the beginning of this year returning the electricity distribution under state’s administration, while KES, the public company responsible for production is facing bankruptcy and survives thanks to government’s subsidies and credits.

Financial discipline in energy sector was one of the governmental promises from the beginning of the first mandate in 2005. However, the crisis in electricity system is not solved after eight years of reforms that culminated with privatization of Albanian distribution in 2009, this system is currently in the situation that represent a threat to financial stability of the country, according to MMF.


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