Albania: Authorities to suspend operating permit for 121 companies that exploit minerals

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Minister of Energy and Industry in Albania has decided to suspend the mining operating permit licenses, which had 121 private enterprises . The decision was made by the Minister Damian Gjiknurija , said official sources of the ministry. According to these , the Ministry of Energy and Industry have been checking  how the companies has obtained the licenses for using minerals.

In addition to these 121 licenses which were seized , the authorities have also decided to impose a fine for a few other items . Albanian authorities have even published a complete list of companies that have been fined .

During the audit ,the authorities have identified cases where subjects who were issued permits for mineral extraction didn’t respect the law and didn’t  pay their obligations to the state .

Based on the audit results , Gjiknuri signed a suspension of 121 mineral licenses, which is about 16 percent  of the total number of permits issued.

Some of these cases had a license that expired and were not extended in time . Generally , these entities have suspended all mineral activities,and although the authorities demanded the rehabilitation of the environment which they destroyed ,that they did not do it .

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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