Albania: Chain of debts settled between state and CEZ?

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Power system in the country has begun the process of settlement of mutual obligations , being erased from the compensation owed ​​about 4.5 billion.

CEZ Distribution Company has agreed to remove from the list of debtors many institutions of gov, while the AEC has agreed to remove from the list of his debts the same amount of debt that CEZ had . Also, the Ministry of Finance has decided to extinguish debt Energy Corporation had this ministry because of guarantees established for energy imports.

In this way , the government has significantly reduced the level of debt that the Albanian power system had , according to government officials , a total of 200 million dollars . In this way the solution is assuming the debt chain confusingly between budgetary institutions and companies distributing electricity . Extinction debt compensation, road departure opens another phase , that the settlement of other obligations that are over 4.5 billion the amount that is terminated by agreement of the fact that the obligation is mutual.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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