Albania: The construction of first wind farm in Tepelene starts

, SEE Energy News

The Albanian government gave the green light for the construction of wind farm near the city of Tepelene. The investment is worth EUR 13 million.

The investor is a private company that started developing feasibility study five years ago and obtained the grid connection permit. In addition, it has obtained ownership rights of the locations where wind turbines will be installed.

Six wind turbine towers will be constructed, with a height of 80 to 92 meters, and the installed capacity of 12 MW. The investment must be completed within seven months from the date of receipt of the construction permit.

The permit for wind farm is valid for 25 years, and the investor is obliged to provide to the state 2% of the produced electricity.

If implemented, this will be the first wind power plant in Albania.

Technical characteristics:

Turbine capacity 2 MW

Rotor diameter 100 meters

Turbine type „Vestas“

Average wind speed 6m/s