Albania: Construction of new HPP

, SEE Energy News

The HPP project aims to increase energy security in Kosovo, which gets almost all of its electricity from coal, the complete opposite of Albania where the entire electricity generation is hydro-based.  Albanian Government will allow the construction of a hydro power plant on its territory, which will produce electricity exclusively for Kosovo.

According to sources, the project for the construction o a hydro power plant for the neighboring country will be formalized during the joint meeting of the two Governments in mid- September.

Gross electricity production in Kosovo reached 6,363 GWh in 2019, which is slightly higher compared to 2018, when electricity production amounted to 5,912 GWh. Electricity production at thermal power plants was accounted for 6,036.6 GWh, while hydro power plants generated 326.5 GWh of electricity in 2018. Electricity imports in that period amounted to 1,597.8 GWh (659.2 GWh in 2018), while Kosovo’s electricity exports amounted to 1,457.1 GWh (671.5 GWh in 2018).