Albania: Eight million euros a year to cover losses in the transmission network

, SEE Energy News

Losses in transmission and distribution network in Albania are still high. It is expected that losses level will reach eight million euros this year only in the transmission system, according to estimations of OST company.

The Energy Regulatory Authority (ERE) is currently conducting consultations in order to define the level of charges for this year.

According to the Energy Law from 2015, OST procures electricity to cover losses, including high voltage lines.

Network losses for 2017 are estimated at 160 million KWh. This amount of electricity will be procured on the open market.

As expected, the average price on the market will be around EUR 50 per MWh, therefore it is necessary to allocate about EUR 8 million for this purpose.

Transmission network in Albania is run by the Transmission System Operator (OST), a public company with 100 % state-owned shares.

OST requires for doubled increase of transmission tariffs for the period from March 31 to December 31, 2017. Currently, the transmission charges amount 0.65 Albanian lek per KWh, and the OST requires 1.17 lek (EUR 0.01) per KWh.

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