Albania: Electricity Import in 2015

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For the electricity purchased to cover the needs of customers in 2015 EUR 88 million was spent, according to statistics.

The largest part was covered from import. OSHEE spent EUR 77 million for import and additional EUR 13 million for the purchase of excesses of the company KESH in order to cover losses. Losses in 2015 were reduced by 31.3%. In the previous year they amounted to 37.8% and in 2013, 45%.

Significant reduction of the network losses reduced the import of energy. EUR 140 million was spent for this purpose a year ago.

During 2015 efficiency of collection showed the trend of improvement compared to the period 2010 – 2014.

Total level of the revenues of the company OSHEE amounted to 100.8% compared to the electricity invoiced for 2015. This number includes debt collection for period 2007 – 2014 in the amount of EUR 88.4 million.

Up to 1998 (except for 1990) Albania was net exporter of electricity.

In the period 1998 – 2015 (except for 2010) this country became net importer of electricity, transmits