Albania: Electricity imports from Romania only?

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Albania will import electricity from Romania in the amount of one billion euros; this amount which is almost half of the total consumption in Albania.

The Albanian Government and the Romanian Minister of Economy, Konstantin Nita, in principle, agreed about the sale of electricity from Romania to Albania worth one billion euros per year, which would mean the amount of 2.5 million MWh of electricity.

According to the energy balance, import last year, which included the exchange was amounted to 2.3 million MWh. The current planned quantity which is to be imported from Romania represents almost half of the energy consumption in the country. According to the Albanian Institute of Statistics, last year have been spent 4.5 million MWh.

While the details of the contract are not known yet, the question remains: what will happen to the domestic production of electricity? Isn’t it supposed that investments in new hydropower plants increase domestic production? And even more, will the import of electricity be only from Romania or it is going to be imported from other countries?

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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