Albania: Electricity imports

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It total, expenses for the purchase of electricity in the June-September 2020 period amounted to 24.1 million euros, and with additional purchases so far in October, the cost rises to 27.1 million euros.

OSHEE subsidiary operating as a supplier on the free market spent almost 3 million euros for the purchase of electricity for the second week of October at the tender organized earlier this month.

The average price at which OSHEE bought electricity was 56 euros/MWh, which is significantly lower compared to the previous month, when OSHEE imported electricity at the prices above 68 euros/MWh.

High electricity import costs reflect the decline in electricity production in Albania due to the unfavorable hydrological situation. According to latest data, hydropower plants in Albania produced around 3.7 TWh of electricity in the first eight months of the year.