Albania: Electricity price hike for industrial consumers is expected

, SEE Energy News

It is expected that the price of electricity for con-sumers connected to the 35 kV network, which are supplied on the free market, will significantly increase in the coming period if poor hydrological conditions continue.

In January, 35 kV consumers which are still sup-plied by electricity distribution system operator OSHEE paid the highest price since the market liberalization in February last year. The price for these consumers in January 2019 stood at 15 eurocents/kWh, higher than previous record set in December 2018 (14 eurocents/kWh). The price of electricity supplied by OSHEE to 70 consumers within this category was lower in February – 11 eurocents/kWh. Similar price was recorded in March and April.

Despite the efforts to transfer around 90 consumers connected to the 35 kV network to the unregulated market, so far only 18 of them have signed electricity supply contracts with private suppliers. Others are still supplied by OSHEE at prices which vary from month to month.

Energy crisis in Albania, caused by extremely poor hydrological conditions in the past six months, continues. According to data published by OSHEE, in the first four months of 2019, the company imported some 1.3 million MWh of electricity at the average price of 73.47 euros/MWh, which means that OSHEE paid 96.8 million euros for imported electricity.