Albania: Electricity production decreases, KESH imports over 3 million KW a day

, SEE Energy News

Electricity production in Albania has significantly decreased in August during draught. Company CEZ DSO currently imports 4,8 million KWHs a day in order to cover losses in the network. According to Power utility company (KESH), the current production of electricity is little bigger than 10 million KWHs during period when consumption achieves 19,4 million KWHs.

KESH imports 3,1 KWHs a day while around 900,000 KW is imported from this country. Energy reserves on Drim’s cascade have fallen to 1160 GWHs and condition oh Drim’s HPPs are as it follows: water level on Fierza Lake is 289m with 70 cubic meters per second of inflow. Water level on Koman Lake is 174,4 m with inflow of 26 cubic meters per second while water levels on the lake Vau and Dejes achieves 74,4 m inflow of 2 cubic meters in one second.

The biggest consumption in the country was recorded at 22:00 with 11 million KWs and 8 million KWHs in the capital Tirana.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/CEZ Al