Albania: Five-year plan for OSHEE

, SEE Energy News

Five-year investment plan was recently presented by OSHEE, the Albanian state-owned electricity distribution system operator. This investment plan is worth some 44.5 million euros.

According to the document submitted to the Energy Regulatory Agency (ERE), the level of investment in the network and transformer stations will be at an extremely low level, compared to previous years. In the first nine months of 2019 alone, the company invested around 24 million euros in distribution network, or more than half of the value of investments that should be realized in the next five years.

For the current year, investments should reach 9 million euros and envisages only the reconstruction of certain substations, while no investments are planned in the expansion of the distribution network.

In the aforementioned document, OSHEE identified some critical points in its operation: high level of technical losses, which is mainly due to bad condition of the network, taking into account that most of the substations are over 40 years old; insufficient investments in the improvement of the distribution network infrastructure and constant overloading of distribution system elements.

However, despite these problems, it seems that the financial situation in which the company finds itself does not affect the realization of the necessary investments to reduce losses.