Albania: Forced electricity exports of 220MW

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Albanian Power Corporation has started exporting electricity. AEC currently sells 220MW because of problems with Duke HPP.

According to AEC, auction is closed and contracted sales of the amount of energy for the next two weeks with an average price of 38.5 euros per megawatt.

This means that in total, for the next two weeks AEC has contracted sales of 2.5MEUR of electricity. Corporate executives say that after completion of the contracted quantity, AEC can sell energy back, but this decision will be taken before the state of the cascade hydro reserves.

AEC decided to start exporting electricity upon request by the technical secretary of the HPP.Duka which face increased flows in the cascade by increasing the level of the lakes. To avoid risking a situation company asked power utility KESH to increase energy production and the amount that remains of domestic consumption to sell out.

According to the latest data, with the launch of exports quota AEC has stabilized water in Lake Fierza on about 290 meter level. Currently feeds the basin are 500 cubic meters per second and executives say if they will grow back, the Corporation may further increase production to 291 meter not exceeding quota.