Albania, GEK Terna will build 170 MW TPP in Fier

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Despite the fact that Albania aims to further develop capacities for electricity generation from renewable energy sources, a request has been submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy for the construction of a fossil fuel thermal power plant.

According to the statement from the Ministry, the plant will have an installed capacity of 170 MW and should be built in the area of Roskovec, in the Fier district. Electricity produced by the plant would be sold on the free market, without any state subsidies.

The project’s investor is local company Fier Thermoelectrica, a joint venture of Greek GEK Terna and Albanian Gener 2. GEK Terna holds 70 % stake in the joint venture, while Gener 2 has the remaining share.

If the project is approved by the Government, it would be the third power plant in the country that generates electricity from fossil fuels. Since Trans- Adriatic (TAP) gas pipeline passes through the Fier district, it is likely that the plant would use natural gas as fuel.

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