Albania: Increased electricity imports in September

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Electricity distribution system operator OSHEE spent 14.1 million euros in order to cover electricity consumption during September, because drought has significantly increased the cost of electricity imports in Albania.

OSHEE subsidiary operating as a supplier on the free market, recently signed contract worth some 9.2 million euros for electricity imports, while almost 5 million euros was spent on electricity imports in the first half of September. However, the contract signed in the second half of the month had significantly higher price of electricity of 68.16 euros/MWh on average. In the first half of September contracted electricity prices averaged to 51.58 euros/MWh. High costs reflect the decline in electricity production in Albania due to the unfavorable hydrological situation. According to Albanian Statistics Office, in the second quarter of this year, net domestic production amounted to 1,188 GWh, compared to 1,280 GWh in the second quarter of 2019, which is a decrease of 7.1 %.