Albania: Increased number of requests for new hydropower plants

, SEE Energy News

The interest of the private sector for local hydropower plants increased during 2014th.

According to the Energy Regulatory Office, received 64 different requirements for the operation of hydropower in the electricity sector, of which 57 were in 2013th. The Board approved the license for 42 requires, while the other 22 are in the process.

Last year, the electricity production from local private hydropower plants was in comparison 19:45 percent of the total net domestic production. From 98 private power plants that produce energy, 93 of them had contracts with KESH sales, while the rest produced energy for their own needs and trade.

Since 2008th, there has been a trend to increase the electricity from these plants; the highest increase was in 2013th, when production was increased 2.5 times more than in 2012th. , transmits