Albania, KESH covers a quarter of the country’s consumption, with 5.5 GWh per day

, SEE Energy News

The hydrological situation in Albania continues to improve, with daily production at three cascading hydropower plants on the Drina owned by state-owned KESH amounting to 5,469 MWh per day, enough to cover a quarter of the country’s electricity consumption and 490 GWh.

The improvement of the situation in the cascade on the Drina in recent days has been made possible by rainfall, which raised the accumulation of the largest hydroelectric power plant in this system, HPP Fierza, from a quota of 258 meters in March to 269.8 meters.

KESH expects that thanks to the forecasted precipitation, the hydrological situation will continue to improve.

Preliminary forecast of the state producer shows that the level of HPP Fierza will reach 276 meters by April 17.

At this level, the energy reserve in the cascade would reach 650 GWh, which would enable easier management of the energy crisis.


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