Albania: KESH decreases electricity production, dry period impacts HPPs

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Lack of rainfall are below the historical average and the continuation of the dry period for the coming year is putting difficulties with energy supply from domestic production.

Albanian Power Corporation KESH has estimated reserves as energy conservation necessity, not prejudice the security of energy supply in the country. In these conditions OSHEE demand of 880 GWh of electricity supply for tariff customers during January-February must be complemented by reducing the production of AEC at about 400 GWh during the next 2 months (January-February). About 180 GWh are expected to be generated from small hydropower plants, while the rest of 300 GWh will be contracted through imports.

During this year KESH has realized the demand of the consumers for the period January-November 2015 by supplying OSHEE with 4,016 GWh. For the same period of 2014 AEC has supplied OSHEE with 3,864 GWh for the same period of 2013 AEC OSHEE supplied with 3.563 GWh.

Lack of domestic production will channel the funds of the state power companies, secured by receivables to imports. If the drought lasts possibilities to finance further investments in OSHEE will be limited.

HPP reservoir is currently at Fierzë 276.3 m (max quota. Is 296 m), the resulting flow of 60 m3 / sec, four times lower than the average for 1990-2015 multiannual same period, while about 650 GWh of energy reserves.

But hydrological situation created as a result of unfavorable weather conditions, is expected to be hampered further as the month of January 2016 rainfall is not expected to have high intensity that could increase the average flow levels perennial announced KESH, transmits