Albania: KESH Energy Corp exports electricity for March due to favorable hydro

, SEE Energy News

KESH completed another tender procedure for sale of electricity surplus, for the period 6-10.3 march.

13 companies participated in tender procedure out of which 7 companies proceeded to second phase and negotiation over price. Bids process was realized in two lots. Sale of 21745MWh brought to KESH an amount of 372.000 EUR.

The average sale price was 17.1 eur/mwh. The highest price was offered by EZPADA with over 24 eur/mwh. Lowest price 10.1 eur/mwh was offered by GSA, for the nigh period of purchase.

Faborable hydro situation in Albania influences the overall electricity production, enabling KESH to benefit financially after long period of electricity imports, transmits