Albania: KESH power utility HPPs hydro accumulations boost electricity production

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Recent rainfalls have significantly improved the situation in the hydro accumulations of HPPS, reports the Albanian Power Corporation (KESH).

Currently accumulated energy reserves are around 1153.4 GWH. KESH is optimally exploits this situation by charging the maximum extent available to run turbines feeds into hydropower reservoirs. Daily production of electricity from HPPs Cascade Drin is around 19 million KWh.

For February, KESH is meeting the market demand across the country , including losses in the distribution network. Large hydro inflows of recent days make it imperative to increase production in all HPPs and to continue with plan provided by the Regulation authorities.

The data Operating and Monitoring Division in KESH cascade results at 9.00, on February 13, 2016:

HEC is Fierzë level to 290.74 m, feeds about 500 m³ / sec,
the level at HEC Koman is 172.18 m, flow 200 m³ / sec,
the level at HEC V.Dejes is 75.05 m, feeds about 90 m³ / sec,

For the period following the end of February, KESH will continue to cover the losses in the distribution network, which accounted for about 160,000 MWh.

The additional energy produced under large hydro inflows (about 41.920 MWh for the period February 13 to 20) KESH has sold in the deregulated market, creating additional revenue of 1.04 mln euro. The weighted average price for the quantity sold for 8 days ahead of 41.920 MWh resulting Euro 24.70 / MWh. According to forecasts of the Hungarian stock market, throughout the month of February, the price of electricity is expected to be low. Latests average price band profile in Hungarian scholarship will be 23:15 Euro / MWh, transmits

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