Albania: KESH is ready to import electricity

, SEE Energy News

Company KESH can at any time use a fund of EUR 22.4 million planned in the event of an energy crisis and drought within the recovery projects supported by the World Bank. This decision was published in the Official Gazette and it allowed KESH to buy electricity on behalf of the universal supplier (OSHEE) in unfavorable hydrological conditions.

In exceptional cases, due to unfavorable hydrological situation, the Council of Ministers may decide that a power generation company, wholly or partially controlled by the state, may provide the necessary amount of electricity needed to cover consumers demand from the universal supplier, in the free market, as stated in the explanation of decision.

Although KESH has the necessary money and authority to start importing, it is necessary to align with the distribution operator, as OSHEE has completed the tender for purchasing of electricity for July. In order to provide the required quantity, two tenders have been conducted, and their value exceed EUR 22 million. In the first tender, the average price was EUR 57.2 per megawatt-hour and in the other EUR 68.2.

KESH and OSHEE have to agree on which company will provide electricity for August. According to the plan, as for July, most of the consumption will be covered from imports. KESH production capacities are at the minimum level and they cover consumption only during the night, when consumption is lowest.