Albania: KESH restarts production with 9.7 GWh per day

, SEE Energy News

Last week’s rainfall had positive effects on the overall hydrological situation in Albania, raising the level of accumulation of the largest hydroelectric plant in the Drina cascade, HPP Fierza, from a critical point below 259 meters to 267.46 meters.

The latest data, updated by the Albanian Electric Power Corporation KESH on Tuesday, show that the levels of the accumulation lakes of the cascading hydropower plants are 173.38 meters for HPP Koman and 74.71 meters for HPP Vau e Dejes.

KESH announced that the daily production in the three hydropower plants is 9,663 MWh. With consumption in the country ranging between 20 and 23 thousand MWh, this means that less than half of the energy consumed is produced locally, while most is imported.

The energy reserve in the Drina cascade is 437.98 GWh.


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