Albania, KESH sold 10 GWh at a price of 248-285 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

The Albanian electricity corporation KESH sold electricity on the free market, generating an income of 2.7 million euros. In total, KESH has so far collected 6 million euros from the sale of surplus energy.

At the previous tender, where 10,000 MWh of electricity was offered for sale, the prices in two separate lots reached 247.77 and 285.75 euros per MWh, which is at the level of the prices on the HUPX reference exchange.

However, during this year, KESH was forced to spend around 430 million euros on the import of electricity in order to ensure the supply in the country.

At the moment, consumption in Albania is covered by domestic production after heavy rainfall, which significantly increased flows in the state’s cascade hydroelectric power plants on the Drina.

Meanwhile, KESH also tried to contract the supply of 14,700 MW, with delivery in June next year. However, not a single offer was received for the tender. For the second tender for the purchase of a total of 20 thousand MWh, no data has been published yet.