Albania: KESH sold 19,280 MWh of electricity for 8-15 January delivery

, SEE Energy News

Albanian state-owned Power Corporation (KESH) said that it has sold 19,280 MWh of electricity, worth over 770,000 euros, for the delivery between 8 and 15 January, at the auction held on 5 January.

The prices achieved at the auction were 39.59 euros/MWh for the first lot and 42.05 euros/MWh to 43.55 euros/MWh for the second lot. Among 11 bidders, KESH selected the offers from EFT, GSA and Alpiq as the most favorable.

KESH has been selling surplus electricity in the past few weeks, due to heavy rains in the country which even caused catastrophic floods in early December, after the long period of drought. Albania produces all of its electricity at hydropower plants.