Albania, KESH sold 8.04 GWh at an average price of 82.3 euros per MWh

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The Albanian Electricity Corporation launched a tender for the sale of excess electricity, but also for the release of water from the cascade due to extreme flows.

While this year’s imports reached an alarming level – 430 million euros by November 20, the growth of production and sales on the free market should partially amortize this year’s extreme increase in import costs.

However, the results of the first tender on the free market show that KESH managed to sell electricity at a very low price compared to the prices at which it imported before, but also compared to the current prices on the stock exchanges.

Thus, KESH sold 8.04 GWh of electricity in three lots, where the largest part was sold at a price of 73.2 euros per MWh, while in the other two lots the average weighted price of 101.88 euros and 100.75 euros was achieved. per MWh. The average weighted price at the tender is 82.36 euros per MWh.

That is three times less compared to the price on the Hungarian stock exchange HUPX on Monday, which was 248 euros per MWh for base load, or 313 euros per MWh for peak energy. For delivery on Tuesday, November 22, the price fell by 13% to €217 per MWh for baseload.

Meanwhile, KESH announced that the level of reservoirs in the cascade hydroelectric power plants on the Drina is 271.4 meters for HPP Fierza, 173.6 meters for HPP Koman and 75.4 meters for HPP Vau e Dejes.

The hydrological situation in the cascade has improved significantly as a result of heavy rainfall and increased flow. KESH was forced to release part of the water in order to maintain the level in the cascades at an optimal level.

In the previous two days, the rain also caused problems due to which some small HPPs stopped production.