Albania launches electricity exchange ALPEX on March 31

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Albania has set a date for the launch of the electricity exchange, ALPEX. Thus, the Albanian day-ahead market, after several delays, will be operational from March 31, 2023, announced the director of ALPEX Sokol Dišnica at the energy conference held in Tirana last week.

The ALPEX exchange was founded by the operators of the transmission system of Albania (OST) and Kosovo (KOSST) in October 2020, when the Shareholders’ Agreement and the Statute on the establishment of an electricity exchange company that will manage the short-term electricity markets in Albania and Kosovo were signed.

The electricity exchange operator is based in Tirana and should manage the day-ahead switching of the markets between Albania and Kosovo shortly after their operationalization. ALPEX is expected to expand its services to the intraday market segment in the future.

In January last year, ALPEX selected an e-commerce platform provider. The platform for the Albanian energy exchange ALPEX was provided by the Greek consortium, which won the repeated tender for the purchase of the platform for the electricity exchange with an offer of 220 million lek (1.83 million euros).

The consortium consists of three operators from Greece, namely Hellenic Energy Exchange, ENEX Clearing House and Hellenic Exchanges – Athens Stock Exchange.

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