Albania: Losses on the network of 32.9%

, SEE Energy News

During the period January – April, the losses in the electrical network in Albania amounted to 32.9 percent, according to the Ministry of Energy.

The highest level of losses of 36.6 percent was recorded in January and the lowest rate of 30.5 in April.

In April 2015th losses decreased to 30.5 percent from 35, 7, how much it was in April last year, and 39.7 in April 2013th.

Analysis of the company OSHEE showed that by reducing network losses in the first four months of this year there was achieved savings of 23 million dollars.

In addition to losses in power distribution, which are projected to reach 8 percent in 2020th according to the forecast of the Ministry of Energy, the energy system of Albania big problem is the elimination of non-technical losses and electricity theft.

It has been projected for this year that the total level of losses be 31.8 percent – 21 percent of technical losses and 10.7 percent of non-technical losses, which represents a decrease of 10 percent compared with the previous year.

It is expected the electricity theft to be halved this year, and losses due to the depreciation of the network further improved compared to 2014th. , transmits