Albania: New 400Kv interconnection line for regional capacity electricity flow

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Prime Ministers of Albania Edi Rama and Kosovo Isa Mustafa attended the ceremony on the commissioning of new 400 kV transmission line between these two countries, which took place in Kashar near Tirana. This interconnection is an important step towards the establishment of integrated energy market between Albania and Kosovo.

New 400 kV interconnection is 241.1 kilometers long, of which 151.1 kilometers are located in the Albanian territory, while Kosovo section is 90 kilometers long. The first segment in the Albanian territory, 80 kilometers long Tirana-Vau Dejes line, also includes the extension which connects it to Tirana-Podgorica interconnection with Montenegro. The second segment runs from Vau Dejes to Morine at Albania-Kosovo border.

Both Albania and Kosovo will benefit from this transmission line, mainly due to their combination of energy sources. Albania produces almost 95 % of its electricity at hydropower plants, while Kosovo almost entirely relies on coal-fired thermal power production, transmits