Albania: New concessions for HPPs granted to investors

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The Council of Ministers of Albania approved on Wednesday’s meeting several decisions to grant concessions on several hydro plants of the country.

Thus, the government granted concessions on the hydro power plant “Driza 1”, hydro power plant “Gjader”, hydro power plant “Zall Xhuxhe”, hydro power plant “Plepi”, hydro power plant “Kolosjan” and on the hydro power plant of “Viliq”.

These hydro power plants are located in remote areas of Albania, but experts believe that those are areas which employee, generate wellbeing and then generate energy for the Albanian consumers.

Announcing these decisions, Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that this is an important day for Albanian’s energy sector.

Berisha has also commented the declarations issued by Mr. Rama that the new government will review and may annul all concessions granted by the right wing government in the period after June 23, when the left wing won the right to form a new government.

Berisha said that every contract, every decision is transparent and that it can be taken not only by the political force which will come in power, but by whoever wants to see if it’s based on the law.

“In spite of the vow of Mr. Rama that he will annul every concession, this government continues the normal course of its tasks until its last meeting. It’s this government which since 2008, has signed 130 contracts with the private sector for the construction of 370 power plants”, said Berisha.

Berisha said that this is one of the most excellent success stories that this country has ever had, a proof of a great trust of the business for the climate of investments in Albania and a proof of an excellent legal frame that the government approved for a better exploitation of water.

“A government or a political force which declares every day that it will annul concessions, without presenting the smallest argument, shows that its only objective is blackmail. This is very dangerous and dishonest”, said Berisha.

Source;Albanian government