Albania: New HPP Moglice will have twice as much capacity comparing to HPP Banjes

, SEE Energy News

After successful completion and commissioning of hydropower plant Banje, company Statkraft is building the second hydropower plant on the Devoll river, which will have twice as much capacity comparing to HPP Banje.

HPP Moglice is the second hydropower plant that will be built on the Devoll river. The installed capacity will amount to 172 MW and average annual production will be 475 GWh. HPP Banje has the capacity of 70 MW.

The dam of HPP Moglice will be 320 meters long and 150 meters high. Accumulation area will amount to 7.2 square kilometers, which is equivalent to an area of ​​about 1,000 football fields.

So far, the Norwegian company has invested EUR 150 million in the construction of hydropower plant Moglice, which employs 1,243 workers.

In accordance with the concession agreement, signed and approved by the Albanian Parliament in 2009, Devoll Hydropower will build and operate three hydropower plants in cascade along the Devoll river in southeast Albania.

When all three power plants are put in operation, which is planned for 2019, the total installed capacity will amount to 280 MW.

After completing the investment, Devoll Hydropower will contribute to the increase of electricity production in Albania by 17%.

The investment value of the Statkraft company is more than EUR 500 million.