Albania: No change in the price of electricity in 2017

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The Albanian Energy Regulatory Authority ERE has decided that this year there will be no price changes in electricity sector, although energy companies were asking for a price increase for different categories of customers.

At the meeting held on April 6, ERE has decided that prices adopted in 2014 and whose validity is provided by December 31, 2017 remain applicable. The decision refers to the prices paid by consumers but also to the prices that companies in the energy sector use for calculating mutual obligations.

OSHEE has asked that tariffs for different voltage levels are applied in 2017. For end-users, OSHEE demanded a tariff of 4.9 lek per KWh, which together with charges for generation, transmission and supply reaches the level of the current price of 11 lek per KWh.

ERE has decided that other charges for all voltage levels remain at the current level.

The Regulator did not approve the change in price at which KESH sells electricity to OSHEE company, although the model which is currently applied in the market requires that this charge is changed.

Currently, KESH sells electricity for 1.45 lek per KWh, and asked for an increase to 2.4 lek.

The transmission system operator asked for doubling the rates in the period from March 31 to December 31, 2017 from 0.65 to 1.17 lek per KWh. ERE has not considered this request.

OST justified the price increase with the need to realize revenues of EUR 55.7 million for covering operation activities. Only the membership in the European and regional organizations cost more than half a million euros.