Albania: OSHEE bought 18,000 MWh of electricity for October delivery

, SEE Energy News

Albanian electricity distribution system operator OSHEE bought a total of 18,000 MWh of electricity worth some 1.4 million euros, which will be delivered in the 11-20 October period, via auction organized between 7-8 October. A total of twelve electricity traders have participated in the auction, of which OSHEE selected the offers of six of them: Albanian Energy Supplier, NOA, EFT, Devoll Hydropower, ReNRGY Trading Group and Ayen Energy Trading.

The average price achieved at the auction was 75.57 euros/MWh for baseload delivery. Albanian state-owned Power Corporation (KESH) recorded a significant drop in electricity production in the first six months of the year due to unfavorable hydrological conditions. Given the fact that Albania’s electricity production is almost 100 % hydro based, the country is forced to regularly import electricity.

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