Albania: OSHEE continues electricity import

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The Albanian electricity distribution system operator – Operatori i Shpërndarjes së Energjisë OSHEE, has continued the electricity import for covering the losses in the second half of this month due to the inability to obtain the required quantities from Albania energy company KESH.

In OSHEE, it has been announced that 82.080 MWh were purchased for the period from 12th to 30th June 2015 which, in monetary value, amounts to a little more than 3 million euros, VAT excluded.

The race was won by four companies, GEN-I Tirana, GEN-I Beograd, GSA and EFT AG.

The average price at which the energy was purchased for this period amounts to 38.7 euros per megawatt, which is comparable with the price on the Hungarian market HUPX.

On this occasion, in OSHEE, they said that the amount for this period would be paid until 18th June. , transmits