Albania: OSHEE electricity imports January 2016, prices and costs

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Operator Distribution of Energy (OSHEE) closed the tender for the import of electricity for the month of January 2016 in the amount 215.760 MWh, converted to monetary value 11,130,366 euros (without VAT).

The race was won by companies Danske Commodities, Life Ayen Energy Trade Society AXPO doo Belgrade, Tirana company GEN-I, GSA Society, Society EFT AG, offering an average price of 50.67 megawatts. Power stock market in Hungary reference price was used for requested prices in tenders for import and export of power in January 2016, set the price of 1 MWh 43.25 Eur (on HUPX base).

The difference between the import price and the HU stock price is 7.3 euros, but sources in OSHEE argued that prices difference are due to the high demand for electricity that characterizes January, also prices of transmission are higher than usual.

Experts from OSHEE argue that the difference between 7.3 euros between domestic and import prices in the stock market, 3.6 euros per MWh is the cost for Albanian transmission company Energy TSO. Transmission companies offer higher prices in the winter. 1 Euro is also free plus transmission line abroad. And only the cost of transmission over the price of the Stock Exchange is 4.6 euros.

For additional 1.5 euros per MWh calculated are the cost for late payments which OSHEE committed against companies (90 days overdue) at a time that EU rules do not accept payment later than 20 day.

Experts of OSHEE claimed that the reason for this difference is the large amount of import in January, nearly 40 percent higher than the months to ordinary exercising so pressed for a higher price than a year.

Experts OSHEE stated that during negotiations with the companies 800 thousand euros, were saved, recalling that the difference in import prices have been 20-30 euro per MWh in January of the previous years, transmits