Albania: OSHEE purchased 4,712 MWh of electricity for January delivery

, SEE Energy News

Albanian electricity distribution system operator OSHEE bought a total of 4,712 MWh of electricity worth some 260,000 euros, which will be delivered in January 2018, via auction organized on 28 December.

A total of seven electricity traders have participated in the auction, of which OSHEE selected the offer submitted by the Slovenian HSE. The average price for the first lot (00:00 – 24:00) amounted to 52.7 euros/MWh, and 64 euros/MWh for the second lot (07:00 – 23:00).

In the second half of 2017, Albania was forced to import the majority of its domestic electricity consumption due to severe drought, which diminished production in hydropower plants. During June and July, Albania spent over 50 million euros on electricity imports, since it is forced to meet up to 80 % of its electricity demand from import. However, heavy rainfall in December drastically improved the situation, and KESH organized auctions for the sale of surplus electricity on several occasions during the month.

The country produces almost 100 % of its electricity at HPPs, majority of which is produced at three HPPs on the Drin river: 600 MW HPP Koman, 500 MW HPP Fierza and 250 MW Vau te Dejes.