Albania: OSHEE reduced costs for electricity imports in 2015

, SEE Energy News

Operator for Electricity Distribution (OSHEE) considers 2015 positive not only in terms of reduced network losses and increase of payments, but also from the side of costs to cover these losses through imports.

According to OSHEE due to reduction of quantity and unit price of electricity purchased for the period January – December 2015, OSHEE saved 61 million eur compared with 2014.

This result was due to three factors: euro 42 million as a result of physical loss reduction ; 12 million as a result of the purchase of imported energy with the lowest price and 7 million euro as a result of application of the agreement between OSHEE and KESH.

OSHEE press release stress that tenders for electricity imports included 30 companies. In 2013 this number was 20 and in 2014 was 25.

Tenders by invitation in 2015 10 companies participated in the contest, compared with 2013 this number was only 4. As for the prices, 2015 trend shows that the average cost in 2015 was about 10.1 Euro / MWh, lower than the 2014 average price, transmits

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