Albania: OST and Greek Mytilineos Group signed substation construction contract

, SEE Energy News

Greek Mytilineos Group said that it has signed a contract on the construction and upgrade of substations in Albania worth 21.2 million euros with electricity transmission system operator OST.

The project involves the construction of the new substation Elbasan 3 and the upgrade and extension of substation Fier. The new Elbasan 3 substation will extend the existing 400/220/30 kV substation Elbasan 2 with a new switchyard on the 400 kV level to connect the lines to Tirana 2, Zemblak and Fier as well as to substations in North Macedonia, while modification will take place at the existing 400/220/30 kV substation Elbasan 2. At substation Fier, the existing 220 kV switchyard will be extended with new bays and a new 400/220/35 kV transformer.

This will be the first energy project for Mytilineos Group in Albania. By developing this 400 kV network in the southern part of Albania, the project will contribute to the energy transmission system by enhancing the interconnections with the electricity networks of neighboring countries and will enable conditions for trade exchanges, achieving a secure and reliable energy network system

The project in Albania is scheduled to be completed within 24 months, in addition to 12 months for the warranty period. The project will be co-financed by Germany through KfW Bank and by the European Union within the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF).